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New firmware v1.12 for UNICAN emulator brings improved algorithm and solutions for immo issues on MCC Smart 1st generation and Mitsubishi Colt Z30 CZC vehicles

The UNICAN emulator is constantly evolving, and with the new firmware version v1.12, it brings an even more sophisticated algorithm and new options for solving immo problems on MCC Smart 1st generation vehicles, whether it’s ForTwo (petrol and diesel) or ForFour versions, as well as Mitsubishi Colt Z30 CZC. The UNICAN emulator developers have found a solution for the synchronization loss, which is the most common cause of immo malfunction.

Immo issues on MCC Smart vehicles

MCC Smart 1st generation vehicles often face issues with the immobilizer, which can be caused by synchronization loss. This problem may occur due to interruption of the control unit power supply or voltage surge. In most e-shops dealing with immo emulator issues, you will not find a solution for the MCC Smart model 450, whether it’s the petrol or diesel version.

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New solutions from the UNICAN emulator

The new firmware version v1.12 for the UNICAN emulator brings an improved algorithm, which correctly emulates a damaged immobilizer without the need for manual bridging of the starter relay. This means that technical knowledge is no longer required to solve immo problems. The UNICAN emulator thus provides a reliable and simple solution for MCC Smart 1st generation vehicles and Mitsubishi Colt Z30 CZC.

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